Anti Captcha – ReCaptcha Feature

Have you noticed that Captchas and ReCaptchas are getting more and more complicated. No longer is it a simple case of reading and then typing in 4 or 5 letters and numbers. Now Search Engines will ask you click the blocks that contain Cars, Traffic Lights or contain Road Signs etc.

Search Engines do this as they do not like automated tools, typing these in manually or identifying the Road Signs etc is a time consuming practice and something you really do not want to waste your time doing.

SEO Powersuite has 2 options – you can use DeathByCaptcha or the inbuilt Captcha / ReCaptcha.

anti captcha re-captcha functionality SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker - SpyGlass - WebSite Auditor gets around search engine limitations

You may not know this but Google,BING and all other Search Engines, Forums, Blogs etc are very sensitive to automated requests.

This can affect the performnce of any tool especially when extracting data Google may prompt you with CAPTCHAs to make sure the queries are sent by a human and not a robot.

**** Breaking News – Anti Captcha capability is now built in as std ****

As always though with SEO Powersuite things are different and a solution is built into the software as PowerSuite has an integrated anti-CAPTCHA service so you can have all the CAPTCHAs entered for you automatically.

All the SEO Powersuite tools are free to download and use. They are available for Windows, MAC and Linux. If you like the tool or tools you can buy them individually or buy them all to get much better value for your money.

If you dont have the PowerSuite Toolset – then you can get it here below. Already a user – then give the Anti Captcha feature a go using  the link above