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Find your competitors links

the ones they dont want you to find - replicate - then go after even better ones

  • Finds new backlinks faster than any other backlink checker.
  • Seperate bad links from highly valuable links
  • Spyglass utilises its own MASSIVE link database
  • Not reliant on search engines to provide link data
  • Domain Comparison to Monitor competitors
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  • Unlimited data, websites, campaigns, backlinks & exports.
  • Keep track of all your links / changes and new opportunities.

2.7 BILLION links over 217 million domains & getting bigger each day

The most up to date  link  index

Covers all backlink sources, this is game changing competitive advantage

Very affordable price

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SpyGlass own MASSIVE trillions link database. Accurate & up to date

Blue print of all your competitors links to replicate plus new link sources unknown to your rivals.

Google Analytics

Google Search Console

Any Input

SpyGlass can pull link information from countless different sources - Analytics  Search Console - and any data in CSV file format.
There is currently no other back link tool that has this feature yet

SpyGlass first project setup

Backlink History Module

Spyglass developers provide an historical data module, this shows how your backlink profile has changed over time.

Compare and contrast any marketing campaigns by monitoring what brought you the most new backlinks within any time frame going back a full year.

Check what sites are linking to what piece of content you published
Keep tabs on the backlink profiles of your competitors - enter the URL of any page and see the entire backlink history going back a year.

Game changing software that your competitors wont know anything about - yet

Simply take all your competing websites links and build from them

Independent link data that no longer relies on major search engines to supply it