BuzzBundle #1 choice for Social Media Marketeers & website ownersBuzz Bundle #1 Social Media Marketing


Available for PC or MAC, BuzzBundle is the brand new application from aimed at individuals or businesses involved in social media marketing.  Buzz bundle will find any discussions (video sharing, social networks,blogs, forums, posts, tweets etc) of your company / brand and will enable you to participate to influence their flow.

If you are involved in any kind of social media marketing, brand management, market research etc then your job has become a lot easier.

Buzz enables you to work one hell of a lot smarter – which means you can achieve more for the same amount of time.

Reputation + social SEO in one tool


What can Buzz do for me

Well just like the Romans – Buzz can do lots of things, probably more than you can think of.

  • Monitor relevant discussions about you or your company/brand , products as well as your competitors
  • You can join those discussions on different levels using different profiles – official company representative, in person or as someone else
  • Schedule announcements / press releases for later distribution to multiple social networks at once
  • Start new debates on multiple social media websites simultaneously.
  • Establish who is saying what on a topic of your interest, the context of the topic and what groups of people are involved


buzzbundle social media marketing tool