Website Auditor – MOT & service for your site

Once you have worked on your Keyword Research the next step in your journey to the top is Website Auditor or WSA for short.

Finally at last there is a solution. To give your site a root and branch check review you no longer have to pay someone to do it and even better it is very very fast. You can effectively optimize your content with pinpoint precision. It works for any website, any niche and any search engine! Guaranteed.

WSA works like this – you specify the keywords you have chosen in Rank Tracker – and WSA will then audit every page of your site to see how well optimised you are for those keywords / phrases.  This (as you probably are aware ) is onsite optimisation.  It compares how well optimised your site is – and then compares you to the top 10 competing websites for those keywords.

WebSite Auditor is the only SEO software that lets you optimize your website on two levels: on-site (domain) and on-page (content). 

Before you begin promoting any of your website pages,  you will need to optimize your entire website to make sure there’re no issues that might prevent it from ranking well.

As you probably already know your website is a close knit system. Every part of it  affects the whole.  One small onsite problem that slips through the net may well turn into a much bigger obstacle later and affect your ranking position.

WSA lets you effectively analyze your entire site, smooth out any rough edges and turn it into a fully optimised site.  It will also let you know if you have over optimised.

How to create a new Website Auditor Project

Run an indepth web audit

Edit content and audit in real time

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Step by step instructions

Website Auditor can hand hold you through the whole process – dont be scared – you can make the necessary changes one at a time and then re audit to see how well you have done

Optimisation score for every page on your site

Each individual page gets the full treatment on a keyword by keyword basis.

Scans your site for broken links and html errors

WSA reports will show you any out of date or broken links – it will also run each page through a ‘html vallidator’ – this will show up any html syntax errors.  Google expects you to have a nice clean website that it can understand WSA – helps you achieve that.

Automatic generation of sitemaps and robots.txt

WSA will notify Google and other search engines with a sitemap (generated automatically if you want). Sitemaps are submitted to search engines to tell them exactly how your site is layed out – it helps them index you better. WSA also will generate a robots.txt file – this tells search engines – what to index and what to ignore – essential if you have duplicate content. .

Compare your site to your competitors

WSA when auditing your site – will compare you to the leading top ten sites in Google (or whatever Search Engine you wish to rank well in).  Onsite optimisation is essential as Google will judge you, have a messy site, have broken links, have content buried deep in your site that is hard to find. WSA flags them all to you in it’s report.

Features at a glance

  • Complete website SEO health check
  • Website architecture – internal linking analysis
  • Linked-to and linked-from webpages
  • Google PageRank on all pages
  • Link Value that each webpage can pass per link
  • Not indexed webpages
  • Keyword density and prominence in each page element on your site and among top 10 competitors
  • Most popular keywords and key phrases used by your site and top 10 competing sites
  • Second to none reporting module
  • Read more

There are many many more features that are detailed

After optimising each page on your site for your main keywords you need to turn your attention to the competition – dont worry though there is a tool for that as well.