Proxy Servers to avoid Search Engine overload

Due to its very nature SEO software has to extract large amounts of data from search engines in order to give you a very detailed picture. Doing this can sometimes trigger a filter where the search engine may temporarily stop you extracting data.  You can tell that by clicking the blue “view logs” link on the finishing screen after any operation: there are red “failed” tasks and their error logs contain “temp blocked” messages. The following proxy server companies offer great value – as they sell proxies on a monthly basis – so only use and pay for them when you need them

Depending on what area you are targetting – Buy Proxies for UK – Europe – US etc and Squid tend to be mainly for the US

buy proxies for SEO powersuite from Link Assistant
squid proxy servers for seo powersuite by link assistant shred - private and semi private

Another symptom you may encounter when searching for something in Google is you get to the “Sorry…” page saying your computer might be sending automated queries and your request can not be processed now.  There is no need for panic this is common and minor issue – this is a temporary block and it will last for around two hours at most. During this time, however, you won’t be able to retrieve any data from the search engine using your IP address, so it is more an inconvenience than a problem.

As always though help is at hand and there is a solution to this small irritation. You can obtain a number of proxies which you can add directly to the software.  Search engines will no longer just see your IP address – but rather 10 (or more) random IP addresses which are your proxy IP addresses.   You can use the same proxies for Rank Tracker, Website Auditer, Link Assistant, SEO SpyGlass and BuzzBundle.

The SEO Powersuite tools and BuzzBundle will go and search for ANY publicly available proxy servers for you. However you might not really want to rely on free public proxies. Some if not most of them are overused and already blocked by Google.  Plus  regional proxy servers (you can see the country they are located in) can return wrong results , because Google provides different results for users from different countries.

Each of the SEO PowerSuite’ tools queries search engines one way or another, and that is why all tools are equipped with settings that prevent temporary blocks.   The beauty of using proxy servers is that you will avoid Search Engine temporary blocking, they are very affordable and you can use them on a month by month basis. So if you have a lot of SEO or Social Media work coming up – buy them for a month and then let them expire – and purchase them again as you need.

Whatever Powersuite tool you are using take the option to IMPORT – then copy / paste the proxies and you’re all good to go. Dont forget to highlight them all and then click ‘Check’ to make sure they are all working

proxy rotation settings for seo powersuite
link assistant proxy diagram