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Please read - Google no longer uses its Adwords tool which has been replaced by the Google Keyword Planner - no problem - Rank Tracker has already been updated to reflect this change - RankTracker 6.11.3.

Stop..... before you even start to do anything else with your website business - you need to have done some keyword research - this will help you choose the right keywords to both increase traffic and more importantly sales. Not convinced you'll need this ?

Without this you may well be spending time and money on keywords for which no one is searching. 

Keyword research is the knowledge of knowing what keywords / phrases your potential customers are typing into Google / BING etc and more importantly knowing how many times those keywords are being searched on per month and more importantly again - how much competition there is from other websites.

You need to keep a constant check on where your website ranks, what other keywords you can optimise pages for.  This all takes a lot of time, know how and patience.  This is where Rank Tracker comes into it's own.

It does all the hard work for you.

Track other websites

As well looking after your rankings with Rank Tracker you can also check other websites – so it’s very simple to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing.  

View your search results history

Want to see a profile of how your websites are performing - not a problem. Rank Tracker can build up a complete history of all the keywords you are interested in and will display the results in an easy to view graph.  You do not need to install any software on your site for this. Rank tracker installs on your PC or Mac in about 1minute.  The software and the updates to all the search engine algorithms are updated each time you load it up - so you never miss an update.


What is Keyword Research - Why do I need Keyword Research

This explains exactly what Keyword Research is and how it can be applied to your website 

You can easily see exactly where you rank in all of the main Search Engines.  Unlike other SEO products, Rank Tracker lets you work with an unlimited number of domains or pages.  For example if you run multiple websites, you wont have to pay an extra penny for using Rank Tracker with them!. 

It will even tell you how many clicks you are likely to get based on your ranking.  You can even set up a schedule when you want to check your sites rankings - you can then view the results at your  convenience.

See how Google has changed the Keyword Research landscape and how Rank Tracker keeps up

Google changed the way it sees Keywords.  It now pays much more attention to Latent semantic indexing. LSI is a system search engines use to analyze the other words people use surrounding a given topic. 

LSI keywords are words and phrases with a high degree of correlation to your target topic. Google’s algorithm uses them to help determine content quality and relevance to the search term. Rank Tracker knows this and updates its results accordingly.

Main features & benefits overview

  • This software is totally hands-free
  • Rank Tracker is 100% search engine friendly
  • Rank Tracker is lightning fast
  • Unlike other SEO products, Rank Tracker lets you work with an unlimited number of domains or pages
  • Better support. Customer Support is always on hand to help.
  • Shows you the BEST keywords to optimize your site for!
  • Helps you discover profitable keywords you've been missing out on!
  • Shows if your site moved up or down in search results
  • Schedule checks - it will run while you are doing other things
  • Far too many more to list here - read more


Recent customer comments

"Rank Tracker saves us time and is always up to date

Before we discovered this amazing tool we used a browser plug-in to track imaging and microscopy based keywords. Unfortunately the results were often unreliable due to the search engines' frequent algorithm updates.

Manual tracking worked better but required several hours of manpower every week.

Fortunately with Rank Tracker this is a thing of the past - the program is optimized promptly when a new search engine algorithm is released. This provides us with valuable insights within minutes."

Horst Schulze, Online Communications & SEOCarl Zeiss MicroImaging GmbH