What are the 8 latest SEO Tips – straight from the horses mouth – Google and BING


If you are reading this – then it’s probably because you want to keep up to date with the very latest with SEO tips and advice from the very people who make up the rules – GOOGLE & BING.

The Search Marketing Expo in San Jose is where every professional SEO and Internet marketer goes to get the latest tactics for increasing visibility, traffic, conversions and sales. But not everyone gets to go on this trip – so if you didn’t make it then you can get all the latest here instead.

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  • Keyword Research – customer profiling and search intent
  • HTTPS – get it whether you need it or not
  • Mobile Responsive – Now a compulsory feature
  • User Behaviour monitoring is now a signal
  • PANDA – do you know the real technical side of it
  • 404 Page – how to deal with them correctly
  • Link Penalties – Think first – learn how to take the right steps
  • Sitemaps – XML sitemaps still very important when crawling

Read up on all the information that Google and BING have provided for free and encouraged all website and business owners to take action on.