Anti Captcha and IP Block Update

seo powersuite now has anti captcha software built in to all powersuite tools but only for paid versions

Captcha / Re-Captcha

Have you noticed that Search Engines have got smarter with Captcha. No longer is it just enter 5 letters and a number and on you go. Now Search Engines want you to identify what sections of an image contains cars, people, bikes etc.  It’s becoming ever more long winded.

The problem of blocked search and CAPTCHAs is solved for good.  The amazing new Anti-CAPTCHA service, integrated it into SEO PowerSuite does it all for you – and saves you a lot of wasted time.

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No more CAPTCHAs & Google blocks

  • All Tools updated automatically
  • No more filling in anti captcha fields
  • You dont have to use 3rd party anti captcha tools
  • Less interruption to your work


For faster & smoother work even with the biggest projects in SEO PowerSuite!


SEO Powersuite is just about to get updated and the update is AMAZING to say the least – there will now be an inbuilt “anti-block” solution which means Powersuite is now safe from CAPTCHAs and temporary IP blocks.

seo powersuite now has anti captcha software built in to all powersuite tools but only for paid versionsBasically there is a new system to process all search engine checks on our end, instead of running them from your computer and IP address. And that is… around 3 million ranking checks daily for each of the 200+ search engines we support. So the solution we are launching is the first of its kind and size, and we’re extremely nervous (but twice as excited!) to be rolling it out today.


What is CAPTCHA and what does it mean?

As you may already know working with big data sets and running frequent ranking checks may sometimes result in CAPTCHAs and temporary search engine blocks that interrupt your work. This happens mainly because Google and other search engines try to reduce the load on their servers by limiting the number of requests from the same IP address they’re willing to process. And as a result, you might sometimes end up with partial results or failed data checks in your SEO apps.


How does SEO PowerSuite’s new system work?

On your end, nothing will change — your SEO PowerSuite tasks will run smoothly, without you having to bother about CAPTCHAs and temporary blocks. At the same time, behind the scenes, Powersuite will be processing each of your requests via a unique  system to bring back all the data you need without interruption.

The system will be used for all data checks that imply querying search engines: rank checking and some keyword research methods in Rank Tracker, auditing pages’ content in WebSite Auditor, updating search engine-related backlink factors in SEO SpyGlass, looking for link prospects in LinkAssistant, etc.

Simply put, it’ll be used for all data points SEO PowerSuite pulls from search engines.


How do I enable it?

At this point, we’re rolling out the update for all licensed SEO PowerSuite users. So if you’re using any of the SEO PowerSuite tools with either Professional or Enterprise license, there’s no need to do anything to activate the new system — it’ll be activated automatically.

Just make sure the apps update to the latest version upon launch (or download the latest version here), and use them like normal.

Please note that the complete rollout of the solution and its final tweaking may take a couple of weeks, but if you have the paid version – you will get updated


What if I’m using SEO PowerSuite’s FREE version?

This AMAZING new feature is not available in the FREE version.

However, if you’re itching to get rid of CAPTCHAs and interruptions in your SEO checks for good, it may be just the time to get a paid SEO PowerSuite license 

Remember, just as before, your order is covered with a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can fully try the new SEO PowerSuite system with no strings attached