Fantastic new anti captcha solution – Death by Captcha

seo powersuite now has anti captcha software built in to all powersuite tools but only for paid versions

Want a cheap solution to getting caught out by CAPTCHAs

SEO Powersuite has today announced that the popular anti captcha solution ‘Death by Captcha’ is now available.  This can lower the amount of money you spend on dealing with captcha requests nearly as much as by 2 or 3 times.

death by captcha is now available for use in SEO powersuite , a cheap and great solution when doing large amounts of data processing

SEO PowerSuite already has a number of safety features built that help to avoid any captchas. However when working with large amounts of data which Powersuite does with ease then sometimes a captcha can be issued by the search engines.

This would mean they had to be dealt with manually or by using the anti captcha solution. But now you have additional choice options – you can use Death by Captcha instead.

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