Google Ranking Factors Myth vs Fact for 2020

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Are you into SEO ? , maybe you do it for yourself, for the company you work for, maybe an agengy that has multiple clients.

Have you ever heard the one that Google has over 200 ranking metrics that it uses to calculate where you will line up in their results page ?

Have you ever followed one of these metrics and had amazing success or even worse failure – or even just wasted your time ?

Google has changed alot since the “200 ranking factors” first came to light. They have introduced “RankBrain” an AI (artificial intelligence) tool, they have used speed, mobile friendly responsive checks and many many more.  But as usual – there are some things that get mixed up, people repeat the information and before long, no one knows if it’s a Myth or a Fact.

As a busy SEO you need to be able to discover what areas to look and update and what areas to just leave behind.

  • Domain factors
  • Content factors
  • Site structure & Code factors

Get a really old Domain – Google loves them, Buy a Domain with your Keywords in

  • Performance & security factors
  • User interactions factors
  • Links factors

Make sure your HTML code is valid, Get a separate site for mobile devices, I need links from .Gov and .EDU websites etc

The Great Google – the all seeing Search Engine has probably developed since the last time you checked your strategy.  Lots of things that used to work no longer do and in some cases may actually harm your rankings.

There are however other factors that you need to address or check on to help boost your sites. These factors are in a constant state of flux.  At this present moment in time, there are a combination of factors that you must check on. These will change over time – but there again, any business that stands still will eventually be left behind – or worse have their Search Engine Rankings dropped. Old marketing techniques, compelling content backed up by trusted sources that loads on a fast,  mobile friendly website will keep your customers on your site for longer.

Google Ranking Factors for 2020 - Myth vs Fact

Grab yourself a cup of coffee and head over to view the full free report, it’s online, no email, userid or mobile number is required.  It’s just a 3 minute read of what has been found to be Myth and what has been to actually be Factual

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