Google mobile website warning

google mobile update for SEO

Last week Google started sending out warnings to what they consider to be ‘mobile-unfriendly’ websites , stating that they may have pages with mobile usability issues and hence maybe penalised or de ranked as a result for all mobile / tablet / smart phone users. Seeing that mobile / tablet users now appear to be in a greater number than traditional desktop users – this is something that ALL website owners and developers need to take notice of.




This does not mean it will today – but it is a sht accross the bows for websites that value mobie users that Google is about to make a change and is getting really very serious about the ‘mobile user experience’ and may soon start implementing mobile friendliness as an important ranking signal. With this in mind NOW is the right time to start making the change – before your site is out of the mobile search results.

Lost users = Lost Traffic = Lost Revenue

Mobile usage and ‘friendlyness’ affects all websites – do not get left behind on this update

Use mobile optimisation best practices

Have you seen the ‘mobile-friendly’ badge on mobile SERPs ? For your website to be eligible for it, it has to meet certain criteria  – as definded by Google – not you..

Choose your mobile solution

Responsive web design is the solution most recommended by Google. Your website content is served the same on all devices, but your pages adapt whatever layout the mobile user is using   In some cases a mobile app maybe a better solution – this can be costly though

Learn where you stand in terms of mobile

Google provide a mobile test page – that will tell you if your website is mobile friendly or not – try it –

Avoid these mobile design mistakes

Learn how to not block JavaScript, CSS etc Make sure PageSpeed is not too slow – ever so important for mobile users Do NOT use anyhting with Flash

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