Moz metrics in seopowersuite

SEO powersuite using MOZ data for Page Rank and Domain authority

Moz’s Page and Domain Authority stats are now integrated into SEO PowerSuite

Page Authority (PA) & Domain Authority (DA) statistics  have been implemented into all the PowerSuite tools. You are now able to use PA/DA to analyse SEO authority of any domain or page.

This new functionality feature  has been one of the most long awaited and asked for PowerSuite improvement

It gets better though, all Powersuite users will be able to choose between PA/DA or Google PageRank to ascertain Keyword Difficulty, ,Domain Strength, Penalty Risk, and value of a link . This is especially interesting as from October 2014 Google proclaimed that it would no longer be updating Toolbar Page Rank. So this means it has been essential for any SEO tool to find an alternative to Google PR in order to keep providing accurate SEO data.

Moz data in this area as become a popular metric to help estimate the SEO strength of any website. It is also used to for site comparison.  PA/DA scores are a perfect substitute to the now defunct Google PageRank data .

In SEO PowerSuite, there are four crucial data bits that have been calculated with the help of PageRank: Domain Strength, Keyword Difficulty, Link Penalty Risk, and Link Value. Today we made it possible to retrieve the four metrics using PA/DA right in SEO PowerSuite to let our users get accurate data and make informed decisions,” says Erin Madison, User Experience Manager, Link-Assistant.Com.

SEO powersuite using MOZ data for Page Rank and Domain authority