Google Update – Time To Panda Proof Your Precious Content

Panda Proof Your Content after the latest Google Update

You may not have felt it – but Google has set off an earthquake that has the potential to shake your rankings into dust. Think of it like a gold prospector going through your website content – Google wants the golden information and it wants to wash poor quality content down the river.

The Google searchlight is looking at your website now.  It has a special filter designed to fiter out and de-rank low quality content. There have also been some other unrelated Panda updates – but they are connected to quality content

2016 is the year when you MUST address the ‘quality of your website content’ and that means looking at every page.

How can Panda determine the difference between ‘High Quality’ and ‘Low Quality’ content ?

The PANDA is just an algorithm, written by a human that tries a number of methods when reading your content.  All these factors are checked against your website and then you are given a quality score based on the results.Panda Proof Your Content after the latest Google Update

On a positive note because there are a number of factors – you can do something about it to improve your score.  However as Google doesn’t fully disclose exactly what or how it does it – so any changes you make are an educated guess based on what Google has already requested of website owners.

What is PANDA

You may be forgiven for thinking it’s about a lovely bear but it’s named after Navneet Panda – a Google Engineer. It is designed to filter out low quality websites and in return improve the search engines results (SERPs) for it’s customers – which is a good thing.

Basically Google will look at your site and give it a ‘Quality Score’ . The score is for your whole website and not individual pages.

Having been deemed a success, Panda is now part of the core Google algorithm and is here to stay.