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Does my site have poor quality links ?

Identifying links that put your precious website ranks at risk is a complex task.  Google is playing tough when it comes to what they perceive to be suspicions links.  There are lots of people offering incorrect advice and the various to manage this situation.

Software is at hand and there is now a tool available to do all this work and analysis for you. A tool that drills down into your site to check it – just like Google does.  But it doesn’t penalise you – it helps you over come and kill any bad links.  It will check :-

  • Links from low-quality directories
  • PageRank
  • Sitewide links
  • Age of the linking domain
  • IP addresses and subnets
  • Its incoming and outgoing links
  • Anchor texts and keywords
  • Lots more

Does my site have ‘spammy’ low quality links ?


Is a question every website owner should be asking themselves.  Let’s face it whether you have added poor quality links yourself or someone unknown to yourself as added your site somewhere – you need to be aware of them – and then you need to be able to act fast or your rankings will be at risk.

In the past you may have taken the wrong advice from someone or your competitors have indulged in negative SEO against your website.

The very last thing any business needs is a Google link Penalty.  Fore warned is fore armed – now SEO Spyglass has it’s very own Anti-Penalty Link Audit feature to help keep your rankings


How do I detect spamly low quality links to my website