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what does SEO mean - seo glossary covering all the latest terms words phrases and seo terms

SEO Terms and Factors


SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is an often misunderstood industry. It has many different parts to it that cover the full business life cycle. If you understand SEO then you will know exactly how and why some websites work and why others dont and more importantly what you can do yo help your site gain the advantage.

But, having to cut your way through all the technical jargon, phrases and methodology can be a nightmare. When studying English if you get stuck you check a dictionary, if in work you consult the relevant document. With SEO it’s no different.

So if you you or any workmates want to know “How SEO Works” there is now a handy everything you need to know document all in one place to help you.  Dont let anyone ever confuse you again – simply check the SEO Dictionary to find out exactly what it is, how it can benefit you and what you need to do.

It’s no secret that SEO is all about analysing, checking and comparing countless SEO stats – and SEO PowerSuite is here to bring it all together for you. Yet with the exhaustive amount of data you get in the software, it can be hard to remember all the terminology – and today’s glossary is here to help.

Meanings and Processes


Whether you use SEO Powersuite tools or do it all manually (good luck on that one) , here is a complete list of SEO stats you can find in SEO PowerSuite:

Discover what each of SEO metric means in Powersuite

 Learn about new recently added factorsthat Google has introduced

Read up on crucial statistics you never knew existed

Regardless of whether you have been using SEO PowerSuite from Day 1 or have only just started, you will be happy to know that every available slogan, jargon, keyword and metric is covered here and more importantly how and where to find them in Powersuite