Google Hummingbird update website affects

How does Google Hummingbird update affect my website


That seems to be the question of the week as many webmasters ask themselves – what has Google changed, has it badly affected my websites and if so – what the heck can I do about it.

With change there usually comes doubt and fear, the first thing to do is ‘Don’t panic ‘ – which is then exactly what people tend to do.

It seems Hummingbirds bird intention was to  catch users’ actual search intent and then find the best match content to serve the query.

In plain English that means  – make sure your content is both rich, relevant and well structured

Conversational queries

Users now type into Google what they are thinking “how old is Bill Clinton”,Google now deals with these types of conversation type queries.

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Leverage similar keywords

Expand your keyword research, focusing on synonyms and co-occurring terms to diversify your content.

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Strive for co-citation

Identify your top competitors (the leading niche representatives trusted by Google) and make sure your brand gets mentioned alongside with them

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Re think your anchor texts

Google still relies on backlink anchor texts to better understand the theme of a site

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Look into Universal Search listings

Hummingbird’s new, relevancy focused algorithm will make Google show more Universal search results to your target users.

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Structured data markup

Have you restructured your site so that it delivers ‘rich snippets’ to search engines – now is the time to really consider this

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The full report contains full explanation of each area as well as examples.  It also details what you as a website owner need to do in order to match the new Google expectation level.  All Powersuite tools get updated on a regular basis to reflect all the major search engine algo updates.

Make sure your site doesn’t lose out on precious rankings.