SEO specialist tips

Need to get a handle on SEO and want a 4 minute makeover ?

Sites that are at the top of search engine results are there because the website owners / developers have done their job correctly.
Dan Richmond SEO specialist and all round straight talker has put together a free SEO specialist tips  – which explain in plain english how to put in place an effective search engine optimisation workflow.

Everyone wants higher rankings but not everyone knows where to start?  Or do you already have an effective SEO plan for promoting your website?
If so – maybe check whether you can improve on it, or make your own plan from scratch.
Whether you’re a complete beginner, within 4 minutes you’ll have a clear idea of what SEO is about and where to start.

Any SEO plan needs to follow these basic but vital steps :


  •     Choosing the right keywords –
  •     Optimizing your site’s content –
  •     Cleaning and organizing your site’s structure
  •     Finding places to get backlinks from
  •     Building a wide network of quality links
  •     Monitoring website rankings over time

If you do skup any of these steps then they will return to haunt you later in your plan – which will cost you extra wasted and a lot more hassle –  these six are a must do.
To understand and expand on these in more detail – let’s get started

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