Theme Relevancy

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Is Theme Relevancy important ?

Find out why gettings links from relevant websites to your business is something that Search Engines really put a value on when assessing your website.  Think like Google thinks and think how a customer would think.  If you owned a paint company – then getting a link from an interior design or home DIY website would be beneficial to Search Engine customers (and your potential consumers).  Whereas getting a link from an online Poker website would probably do you more harm than good.

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Are all links created equal ?

Nothing in life ever seems equal or fair. Search Engines are no different – they assign a page rank to all pages in a website.  The higher the Page Rank the more valueable the link is.  If you want to start your own Rocket launching business then a link from NASA will be tones better for your website than a link from a website that Google rates very very poorly. 

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How on earth am I supposed to find websites that complement my site ?

Doing this work can take a lot of your precious time.  Some business owners want to see results immediatley – well that wont happen here – you need to spend time and effort on this and to slowly boost you profile.  Let's assume for a moment that you need to find and assess 40 potential link partners a day. If you do this by hand, and spend 5 minutes on every link partner, you'll end up spending more then 4 hours of your precious time. If you don't use LinkAssistant, that is.

After you've tried the manual versus the LinkAssistant way of finding potential link partners – hopefully you will understand how software can do the job a lot faster than us humans ever can – and you'll have an extra 4 hours to spend on doing something else

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