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What is it 

A complete set of world class, industry standard, feature rich, easy to use SEO tools for on page optimisation, competitor analysis, performance tracking, and link partner management. All tools can be automated and scheduled to run any time

Who is it for

Anyone who needs to promote their website. Professional webmasters, SEO agencies, individual SEOs. The toolset is a full end to end solution and easy to use. Watch the video for details

Why use it

Saves you time and money, it can be scheduled to run when you are not available, automates boring SEO tasks,  gives demonstrable insights to improve your performance. Fast, reliable, easy to use, frequently updated – works on Windows, Mac & Linux

Lets break this down into the individual apps

Discover WHO is searching WHAT and WHERE they are. How many Searches and how much Competition there is online for that KEYWORD

Get the Search Engine Data that matters before your competitors do. Get leverage over others in your niche. Discover the high search / low competition keywords and then get to work. 

Keyword Research is the bedrock and foundation of any online business (that wants to be successful) do not skip this task.

KeyWord RESEARCH IS the foundation of ANY website buisness. Rank Tracker is Keyword Research

See how Search Engines see your sites

Indepth and detailed insights into how your sites compares to your competition and how to beat them. . Identify failures and fix them step by step until you out score your rivals 

Match the top #1 websites and then improve on it. Google has over 200 rules in it Search Algorithms.  Page Load Speed, Page Titles, Headings, Image details, content word count and many more.

WebSite Auditor covers them all for your site and compares against your competitors .

Download the SEO audit tool for free to increase online traffic to your website and improve its usability

website auditor

Get all the links from your competitors they dont want you to know about

Google and Co used to hold all the link data, then they did not want to share it so much.  Not a problem Spy Glass uses it's own bespoke MASSIVE link database.

2.7 TRILLION of the newest BACKLINKS. Monitoring over 7.1 BILLION websites. Giving you the link data matters - links on page, penalty risk, do-follow,Anchor text, external links on page....

See all of your competitors backlinks and referring domains - and then go after them as well as new link prospects.

Quality Link mining

Looking for links specifically from Forums, Blogs, Guest Posts, Websites, Directories, Reviews etc.

Drill down to identify high quality link opportunities, follow / no-follow, avoid crowded low quality pages etc.

Get contact details, email management, check when links are created or removed and act accordingly.

Let the app do all the really hard work in the background.

SEO Powersuite

Buy these tools individually or download the complete suite


No strings attached, no credit card required. Grab a free copy from LinkAssistant.com and try it 

Get more for less

SEO PowerSuite from linkassistant.com has NO restrictions on the number of websites it can be used on, the same applies for keywords, backlinks to track, and a wealth of features you won't find anywhere else, many of which are available in the free version. 

What's the catch ? - there isn't one. It's a desktop platform, so the data processing is done on your desktop machine (Windows, Mac, Linux). SEO PowerSuite can work out to be at least 3X cheaper than other SEO tools. It is feature rich and updated on a regular basis.

Gets the data you need to succeed

  • Identify who is typing what into Search Engines
  • How many times per month - how many competitors you have
  • Optimise your site for those phrases
  • Get keywords that have high search volume and low competitors
  • Get the link info your competitors dont want you to know about
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