Faster Rank Checking

Stop and resume Rank checking anytine you wantRank Tracker tools - stop and then resume your rank checking at your convienience . Only update the keywords on particular days of the week


Resume rank checks from where they stopped

Edit rankings manually – for SEO reports


There are 2 new features available, so let's cut straight to the juice here:

1. Resume your rank checks from wherever they stopped.
You can now stop/resume rank checks right from the stopping point, without updating the rest of the ranking data.   You can then resume the rank checks over the day, or whenever convenient for you.   You can also re-check rankings for only the keywords you haven't checked today.

2. Edit your rankings manually  – for SEO reports. RankTracker has many advanced settings for checking personalised results with accurate precision. It lets you check rankings in a particular version of Google, in your or any available country, region or city etc.

There are some situations when your SEO client may want more degree of personalisation that you know about BUT Rank Tracker doesn't.

We usually say never edit rankings manually, but if you want to then you now can

You can now manually edit search engine rankings right inside Rank Tracker, making your ranking reports even more precise.

Rank Tracker is the most reliable and complete software available for rank monitoring and keyword research.

And that is especially true about Rank Tracker's paid editions, with these you can :

– Save projects and complete history
– Schedule any checking tasks
– Track your competition
– Clients reports and data exports for the enterprise version

If you are currently not yet using the full version of Rank Tracker, then maybe it's time to make the step up your Rank Tracker license


Rank checking just got a whole lot easier and faster thanks to 2 new amazing features.