SpyGlass massive update news


We all like to dream so imagine this one – having access to a database that contains massive amounts of high quality link data – just like Google has. Well now you can now – use the power of SEO SpyGlass – the world’s fastest growing back link index.  seo spyglass massive database update

If you are an existing user you have access to the world’s fastest growing back link index database.  All you need do, to take advantage of these features is fire it up to get the latest version. SpyGlass is now connected to the deepest and detailed link source database available. Within  one month it will be the largest index of links – period.  Spyglass can show you more links than you would ever expect.


Not convinced ? – try these figures for size :-

15,000,000,000,000 – new external backlinks

4,000,000 unique root domains

1,000,000,000,000 unique URL’s crawled everyDay


Background info – In case you didn’t already know, other link data tools will use Google and other search engines in order to provide you with precious link data. The problem with this is twofold :-

  • Search Engines will only show you a subset of the links they find.
  • You will be inundated with captchas or will often be banned for too much activity.

One of many unique selling points –  The power of analysis – Link databases compete in numbers and outgrow each other, however this is NOT enough – in today’s post ‘Penguin’ world you need so much more information than just the link location. You really need high quality, Penguin compliant links. Links that will help your site grow in rankings plus bring relevant targeted, ready to pay visitors from all the major Search engines.

The link database that is now aligned with SpyGlass is growing massively each and every day – and can give pin point link information.



The recent Link Assistant / WebMeUp alliance has just delivered it’s first benefit – and it’s massive. The webmeup back link tool has been joined together with SpyGlass to produce an update now available in beta exclusively to SpyGlass users .

It started it’s crawl – like all babies do – but in just under 2 weeks it already has over 200,000,000,000 links indexed . To put this in comparison other back link service tools have taken over 2-3 years to attain this.  Yet there is more – every day over 15 billion (yes billion) are added to the index.  In matter of a few weeks’ time this will be the largest back link data source

To the future

A glance into future

SpyGlass will soon have a new look and feel about it. More importantly it is due to become about a 1000 times quicker – making you more productive, enabling you to analyse and refresh thousands of back links fast and without any slowdown. Just to finish off these updates are free for every SpyGlass user

Many steps ahead of everyone else – SEO Spyglass extracts a massive number of links and mines deep into the data to provide analytics that no other tool gets anywhere close to or even has access to.

seo spyglass massive database updateseo spyglass update back link database