SEO Spyglass Disavow Tool – now comes built in as standard


Just in case you have been living on the moon for the last 3 years or so Google has been perusing ALL the links to your website and as cast a detailed glance to the relevance and quality of those links.

Anything that looks unnatural eg low quality spammy backlinks and your site can get a Google penalty – that is bad news – it means your site is likely removed from Google’s index completely!

To make sure your weren’t affected you previously had to run link audit of your domain and then manually ask Google to the links as well as asking the website owner who to remove the links to your site – sometimes a thankless task.



Google did offer people their Disavow Tool. This helps Google to remove your low quality links – but compiling this disavow list manually is time consuming and often challenging due the files strange syntax.


Automated Solution

Today that has changed – SEO SpyGlass now has a disavow file generator . It will take care of all that hassle, making creating, managing, and exporting disavow files a simple task.

Remove a page / link or even a whole domain. Add comments – Review the list – Export your list (with all the correct syntax in place) – send to Google – finished.

Save hours with your off-page SEO workload with the latest SEO SpyGlass update

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