Spyglass Features

As well as utilising all the main search engines, Spyglass now uses it’s very own link database. It is the ONLY tool in the marketplace to have this functionality.

Think of spyglass as having its very own spider and search engine to dig out links for you.

It  currently supports over 160 international and local search engines so you can get backlink data and analyze your competition using the engine that matters most to you – or all of them, if you wish.

Search engines currently supported include Google, Yahoo! and Bing and many of their localized versions, as well as regional ones e.g Yandex, Baidu. or Seznam etc

  • 100% search engine safe and friendly
  • Discover all backlinks pointing to any website
  • Identify if your competitors are buying site wide links
  • Protects you with advanced safety features
  • In house backlink database
  • Identify which anchor text & page titles work for your competition
  • Find out where your competitors are buying links from
  • Runs tasks by scheduling them to autopilot
  • Identify traffic generating backlinks
  • Runs on multiple platforms (Windows, MAC, Linux) and available in multiple languages
  • Tells you how to beat your competitor’s PageRank
  • Supports working through a proxy
  • Multilingual
  • Includes customisable workspace filters
  • Informs you if your competitors are leveraging the social media to rank better
  • Provides a quick search facility
  • Discover your competitors link building secrets
  • Create clear and precise backlink reports
  • View the Alexa Traffic Rank of every backlink
  • Check how many visits each link brings
  • Finds all backlinks that bring traffic
  • Generate clear precise backlink reports
  • Shows you if your competition is listed in the Web’s best directories


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