Raven removes ranking data

Raven users why now maybe a time to change


On 7th Dec SEO company Raven released a statement where they have confirmed they will no longer use Google data

Raven has decided to remove unauthorized Google data from our platform. As of 5 p.m. PST (GMT-8) on Jan. 2, 2013, we will no longer offer Google rankings and are eliminating our SERP Tracker tool in its entirety. Also, we will remove all data provided to us by SEMRush.


This is a big decision for them to make and it is a shame they have had to make this.  It is also a massive blow to their loyal customers who may now find themselves without some key ranking information. Maybe now would be a good time to check whether you SEO tools of choice are affected by this.

If you are about to decide on Rank Tracking software and were about to make a decision regarding Rank tracking tools , read on  :-


Alternative to Raven SEO software


What can you do with PowerSuite seo tools that make it a better solution to Raven tools?

  1. Un-limited number of websites to promote
  2. Find up to 200,000 backlinks per site
  3. Monitor Social Media popularity
  4. Do SEO competition research
  5. Check rankings any day, for any number of keywords
  6. Create comprehensive reports
  7. Get on-page SEO recommendations


Rank Tracker software developers have confirmed that Rank Tracker will not have to make a similar decision to Raven as rank tracker data is not provided through Google AdWords API. 

Rank tracker has a matrix of advanced features to eliminate deviations that might occur as a result of Google personalization and  although new key metrics will always add to search engine algo's it is ranking information and reports on rankings SEOs and webmasters want in SEO software.  Rank Tracker is available to download for free and has a 30 day money back guarantee.

Rank Tracker SEO powersuite tool

3 thoughts on “Raven removes ranking data”

  1. Perfect timing thanks – have been looking at various tools , Raven was one of them, and just seen that powersuite have a discount option on for a couple of days – means I can get everything for 160 bucks – merry christmas indeed

  2. I am a Raven user and have been for a while so the removal of the Google API is somewhat disappointing – I not sure what alternative they have if any. So I have made the switch, there is an interesting discussion on LinkedIn – you need to be a member of the Grooup to read it though

  3. After lots (and lots) of research – comparing the various  main competitors in the SEO space – it came down to 2 players. We read a comparison review – and then tested the findings – after this – we signed up for the complete package.  That was almost a month ago – we figured we have 30 days money back anyway – today was day 31.  We wont be asking for a refund – period.  For anyone thinking about using powersuite – download the software – watch the videos – and see how you get on –  no brainer.


    Jacob Goldstein phd

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