Find out what your competitors dont want you to know with SEO Spyglass


Lets face facts – every site needs more visitors and sales?  As you probably know getting top search engine rankings depends on having a well optimised website, with compelling content and  products or services that you know any customer will be happy with.  Part of whole SEO element is offsite optimisation. This  tells the search engines how popular you are and you ranking is based on it.  This is where SEO Spyglass can help you.

It can do in minutes what it would take a human weeks to achieve. Whilst it is processing away in the back ground you can be getting on with something else. Once it has retrieved all the data – you then have a blue print on where and how you website needs to obtain links from.   Not only that – it also tells you where the competition hangs out online as well.





Build linking strategy based on competition research


SEO Spyglass gathers it’s data from a wide variety of sources.  It also proivides access to critical data that only SpyGlass users will have available – it’s very own massive link database.


Unique feature – Find backlinks in search engines’ hidden sources.


Where do I get high quality Links ? –  How many do I need before I rank #1 for my product / service ?

Every business owner asks these questions – the answer is with your competitors. They are #1 for a reason – they have quality links from high Page Ranking websites.  You can now go out and do the same – let SEO SpyGlass take the strain of doing the work.


Unique feature Access to exclusive in-house backlink database.


The good people of Link Assistant now offer something very very unique.  They do what other search engines do – they crawl the web just like Google’s spiders and they have built up a massive database of sites and the links they have. This is available to you to utilise when searching for those high ranking relevant websites.

SEO Spyglass gives you the blue print needed to exactly take the same strategy that you competitors have taken.  You can then start to get the same links as them and slowly build up your business profile to be on the same level as your main competitor.

Click here for a more detailed feature list – dont forget you can download SpyGlass for free to see what you think of it – if you dont like it – you dont pay for it

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